St. Petersburg, and the entire Tampa Bay region, are home to some of the best German restaurants you’ve ever tried here in the states. Here is a brief compilation of our favorite authentic German Restaurants to share with our residents at The Addison Skyway Marina.

Cafe Mozart

6754 4th Street North

Cafe Mozart is a European cafe bakery with more than 40 years of experience in Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. Their love of food is evident in every single decadent pastry. The independent business was started by the Hipl family, who moved to St. Pete from Switzerland in 1998.

German Knodle

951 Central Avenue

This small restaurant is serving up some amazing and bold authentic fare — bratwurst, weisswurst, and more. It’s no wonder it found itself on Yelp’s radar. It earns high marks across the board from diners who revel in the great service, handmade pastries, and intimate atmosphere.

Give in to the knodle, folks. Do yourselves a favor and indulge in the white chocolate and coconut flavor. The treats are small boiled dumplings that come in sweet and savory varieties. Other items of note include the German beef burger and the homemade German macarons.

Mama Gs

6114 54th Avenue North

This family-owned and operated business feature a huge menu. But if we had to boil it down to two treats we crave, it would be the apple strudel and the almond horns.

Berlins Doener

4195 34th St S

Berlins Doener is a celebrated German restaurant in the burgeoning Skyway Marina District just minutes away from the brand new community The Addison Skyway Marina. But what is a Doener (Döner)?

The Döner is a delicious, healthy, fast-food alternative. It has 550 calories and incorporates all the food groups. (The Döner’s basic ingredients consist of beef-lamb mix or chicken with fresh tomato, onion, cucumber, marinated white and red cabbage with a choice of sauce). 

In addition to Döner food items, the restaurant also serves a variety of traditional favorite German Dishes such as Schnitzel Wiener Art, currywurst, and Wurstplatte. 

There’s also a selection of 16 Imported German Beers on tap and a variety of Western European fine wines.