There’s a reason why you feel happy upon walking into a sunny room. Natural light boosts your physical and psychological health by providing a healthy dose of vitamin D, helping ward off depression and prevent vision problems. See the great lighting tips from The Addison Skyway Marina.

When It Comes to Window Treatments, Lighter is Better

Don’t hide your windows behind heavy curtains that block natural light. Instead, choose minimal options like blinds or roman shades that let light in more easily and don’t take up any additional space on your walls. If you’re worried about privacy, consider layering on a light-colored, lightweight gauzy curtain. If you live on a higher floor, you may be able to forgo window coverings altogether. This can do wonders for keeping your circadian rhythm in check, by cutting down on feelings of grogginess in the morning or struggles to fall asleep at night.

Ditch Bulky Furniture

If you do a quick search of websites that feature second-hand furniture, you’ll find lots of heavy, dark wood pieces. Compared to today’s modern minimalism, these pieces look very dated. Part of maximizing your natural light is to make your overall space feel lighter, and that includes your furniture. Choose items with smooth, sleek lines, and light colors. You’ll also want to avoid pieces that are clunky or overstuffed or have busy patterns or dark colors.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Great Lamp

Many parts of the country suffer from long stretches without much sunlight, and this can take a toll on the well-being of the people who live there, often in the form of seasonal affective disorder. Artificial lighting can be extremely effective at minimizing the symptoms of this disorder, but even if you aren’t bracing yourself for a long and dark winter, artificial lighting may be the answer to your natural light deficit. Lamps and wall-mounted fixtures can be used to shine light onto walls and ceilings, increasing the overall ambient lighting in a room. Try a combination of floor lamps and table lamps, and don’t be afraid to increase the wattage of your LED bulbs (which last longer and are more environmentally friendly) to truly fill your living space with light.

Use Mirrors to Reflect Light

Place a mirror or two in a dark room and they will reflect light, instantly making your room feel brighter. In addition to making your room feel bigger and lighter, the light reflected by mirrors can minimize your overall dependence on artificial light (i.e. fewer lamps or overhead lights needed to see), reducing your monthly utility bills. Mirrors can also enhance the decor in your room. Consider large mirrors with slim frames to usher in light without being too clunky and weighing the room down.

Finally, Don’t Forget About Your Floors!

You have an opportunity, right under your feet, to make your space look brighter and more cheery. If you have dark hardwoods, concrete, or tile floors, a light-colored rug—especially a large one—can illuminate your space while making it feel much cozier. You don’t have to stick with a boring white one, either. If you’ve kept the rest of your living space regularly light-colored to maximize light, this is a great spot to provide a pop of color to warm the space up and add some serious style! The Addison Skyway Marina is a brand new luxury community to call home in 2021!